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Over the past few years, Justin Timberlake has become a nympho.  No longer satisfied with the true meaning of life, he just wastes it away on each countless broad that can get him off.

But can his friends or family beat some sense into him and get him to change his ways?  Or is he destined to loneliness, or even worse--a deadly disease.


Rated: NC-17
Categories: In Progress Het Stories Characters: Chris Kirkpatrick, Group, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass
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Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Romance
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Series: The Dirty Series
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Published: Oct 01, 2009 Updated: Aug 18, 2013
Story Notes:

This story was inspired by the movie, Choke, which I just watched--and I thought--how cool would it be to have a story about Justin being a nympho.

Anyway--my stories have been deep and troubling lately--I promise they're not all that bad.  I'll work on a love story soon, I promise.


Author's Note:

Wrap it before you slap it, kids. :) 

1. So it Begins by ninabina [Reviews - 5] (1622 words)

This is super dirty, haha--but well--if you're reading it after the title "nympho" then you kind of know there's going to be a dirty element.  It wont' always be dirty, though.  There will be lots of substance to this, just need to build it.

Hope you enjoy it. 

2. The Trip by ninabina [Reviews - 8] (3855 words)

Thank you to whoever nominated me, and in so many categories.  If you like this story, please go vote at the NF Awards for Supreme Newbie!  Also read Doctor Doctor and vote for it, if you feel so inclined.  And if you like these stories, vote for the Dirty Series.

Thanks so much--so glad that you all enjoy my work.  Thanks for the lovely reviews.  Keep 'em coming, and I'll keep arming you with words. :) 

3. Checking In - Part 1 by ninabina [Reviews - 0] (1307 words)
This is split into two parts, 'cause it makes more sense that way.  Hope you enjoy it--thanks for the wonderful reviews.  You make my heart happy.

4. Checking In - Part 2 by ninabina [Reviews - 11] (1815 words)

5. Day 5, Pt. 1 by ninabina [Reviews - 5] (1977 words)
This chapter is long, so I broke it up into two parts.  Sorry for the delay...life's been busy.  Thanks for your patience, and hope you enjoy it.  Thanks to keediluv for being my beta.

6. Day 5, Pt. 2 by ninabina [Reviews - 6] (2906 words)
Sorry this took so long. :)  Enjoy.

7. Day 6: The Aftermath by ninabina [Reviews - 2] (1227 words)
So this is kind of like a part 1 to the next chapter, and a little short--but necessary!  So bear with me!  haha.

8. Day 6 & 1/2: Boy Meets Girl by ninabina [Reviews - 9] (2665 words)
Two chapters in one day.  You love me. ;)

9. Day 9: Glass Walls. by ninabina [Reviews - 2] (2138 words)

10. Day 12: Nurse Jackie by ninabina [Reviews - 2] (4193 words)
So sorry for the delay.  Reality sucks sometimes.  Feedback, as always, is welcome and appreciated.

11. Day 13: The Non-Dismissal by ninabina [Reviews - 1] (2726 words)
Woo, another update.  I hope you enjoy.  I happily welcome and appreciate your reviews!! :)

12. Day 17: A New Day, A New Therapy by ninabina [Reviews - 0] (1159 words)
Pre-lude to the next chapter, which I will publish momentarily. 

13. Day 18: The First Encounter by ninabina [Reviews - 2] (1904 words)
NOTE: This deals with a very sensitive subject manner. This is your warning. 

14. Day 19: New Introductions by ninabina [Reviews - 0] (1734 words)

15. Day 19 & 1/2: Let There Be Light by ninabina [Reviews - 1] (1854 words)
BAM! Four Updates in a week! How awesome am I? :) Anyway, this is another chapter on a very sensitive topic. You've been warned.

16. Day 20: Tides, They Turn by ninabina [Reviews - 1] (1518 words)

17. Day 21: Human Contact by ninabina [Reviews - 1] (2338 words)

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