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Love is the Melody

Desire is the Key

Love is the Melody

Now Sing it with Me 

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Published: Jul 26, 2010 Updated: Jul 26, 2010

1. Characters by cagf5000 [Reviews - 1] (7 words)
So this is my second attempt at writing! I never got to finish my other story because someone stole my laptop with my outline and now it's shot to hell. But maybe I'll find the inspiration to finish it one day. But I have this in my head and I wanted to get it out so here we go...

2. Melodies and Desires by cagf5000 [Reviews - 0] (1504 words)

I used the Lykke Li CD entitled Youth Novels as inspiration hence the name of the story and also the tracks are the titles of the chapters so I will be using lyrics from the songs throughout the chapters. 

Also I don't know/own Justin Timberlake and blah blah blah so don't sue me! 

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