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Torn between what's right and her love, Wisteria must make the decision to follow her moral compass and the law or follow her heart. 


***Written for Pop!Tober Challenge***

Rated: R
Categories: Completed Het Stories Characters: Justin Timberlake
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Challenges: Pop!Tober Fiction Writing Challenge
Challenges: Pop!Tober Fiction Writing Challenge
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Published: Oct 14, 2010 Updated: Oct 15, 2010

1. Chapter 1 by sChErZo [Reviews - 3] (1724 words)

I was initially going to post the whole story this morning, but I decided to be a tease and post the other chapters as the day goes on.  Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave comments =]

2. Chapter 2 by sChErZo [Reviews - 1] (3768 words)
here's chapter 2!

3. Chapter 3 by sChErZo [Reviews - 1] (3556 words)
okay, so i'm a little late with posting this one so i'm going to post the lastt 2 chapters back to back in about 45 minutes to give everyone a chance to read this one.  hope you enjoy!

4. Chapter 4 by sChErZo [Reviews - 1] (1425 words)
This one's a shorty, but it's necessary.  Enjoy and read-on for the ending. 

5. Chapter 5 by sChErZo [Reviews - 5] (3520 words)
okay, here it is.  the final chapter.  and before my deadline.  and it's a nice long one to make up for the shorty before it. hope y'all enjoy it and feel free to leave comments =]

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