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*NSYNC's on tour with their new opening act, Casey Whitaker. Romance (or something like it) blossoms with JC--as does a fair bit of Casey-style drama. 



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Published: Aug 23, 2014 Updated: Jul 27, 2017
Story Notes:

Season 9 Award wins:


The original version of this story was written between 1999* and 2000* and published (unfinished) on my fanfiction site. The original version was somewhat chaotic, what with detailed romantic storylines for each member of *NSYNC, and more drama and angst than a telenovela. A couple of years later (after my site was defunct) I came across the story again, including the many chapters that were written and never publicly shared, and decided to do a sort of "redux" of it. 

Although some of it is downright embarrassing to a much older me, I have an affinity for this story because it was the first time I ever attempted a novel-sized fanfiction. It's my first baby.

With the exception of some much needed editing and fine-tuning (re-organizing chapters and flow of action in some cases), I've stayed true to the original story. So here it is: the first ever *NSYNC fanfiction I ever wrote.  

*Because my writing process is never linear, and there were different tours that happened in between the time I started writing and finished writing (and then went back and rewrote) I've taken great liberty with tour dates and such. For that reason, I'm considering this an alternate reality of sorts, and I never address which tour is going on, specifically. But it's supposed to take place circa '00/'01.  

And special thanks to 'C'  and LadyX for being my badass betas!

And also thank you to DiamondDoss for your banner making!!! <3 <3 <3 


Season 8 Awards wins:

So Awesome Work-In-Progress

Fifty Shades Syndrome-Best Smut

Best Characterization of JC 




1. 1: Ice Bucket Conversations by elle-miranda [Reviews - 8] (6308 words)

"How the hell do you know what I am? You don't know me." 

Present tense italics indicate flashbacks.  

There's some language in the form of a few f-bombs. Just an FYI...



2. 2: Zero to Sixty In No Time Flat by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] (5050 words)

It’s just probably best that we, um, pretend like tonight never happened. Don’t you think?” 

So, um, if you're not a fan of relatively graphic sex scenes, you should maybe not read this chapter.

3. 3: Some Secrets, Some Truth by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (6694 words)

"We already agreed that forgetting about last night was for the best." 

4. 4: About Last Night by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (3531 words)

He folded one arm behind his head and watched her for a moment.. "Did you mean what you said last night?" he asked finally.


5. 5: After the Morning After by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (5662 words)

It's been a minute. ;-) This chapter contains some sex, so...yeah.

Casey took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I just don't want to be that girl, OK?" 


6. 6: Road Weary Opinions and Things of That Nature by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (4924 words)

kind of a filler-y chapter. trying to keep it moving, after all.

Casey interrupted with a raised hand. “Listen, I know what you’re going to say. But trust me, OK? I'm fine. Everything will be fine.” 

7. 7: A New Normal, Or Something Like It by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] (5958 words)

heed the rating, folks.  

“You really like him, don’t you? JC, I mean.”


8. 8: Contemplations and Conversations by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (3803 words)
"Well, they say that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. I could think of worse people to get under than JC," Jada quipped.

9. 9: Pussy Control (But Not Really) by elle-miranda [Reviews - 1] (6768 words)

“The unfiltered truth is...I like you.” She shrugged. “I wouldn’t be in your room every night if I didn’t, right? And I....like spending the night with you maybe more than I should.”


10. 10: Hummingbird by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (5401 words)
"I was just thinking, why don't we just tell Everett that we're sharing a room when we get to wherever we're going next?"

11. 11: Slow Hand Row by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (4131 words)

"Is everything OK? With us, I mean? I thought it was. After we talked the other night."

so super huge thank you to LadyX, who has so graciously (and wonderfully!!!) stepped in to beta for me. she's pretty fabulous, y'all.



12. 12: Questions 67 & 68 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (5773 words)

“What’s wrong, Casey? And I don’t mean Tony. Why’d you disappear last night?”


*thank you, LadyX, for being my wonderful beta and an all around rockstar! i pinky puffy heart you!  

13. 13: Big City Blues aka A Chicago Tale in Three Parts, Un by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (3201 words)

JC raised his arm to glance at his watch and Casey laughed. "We've only got like--"

"Thirty minutes," she interrupted, still pulling at his pants. "Better hurry."

heed the rating, loves. 

14. 13: Big City Blues aka A Chicago Tale in Three Parts, Deux by elle-miranda [Reviews - 1] (3099 words)
“So,” Elizabeth said as the door closed behind her husband and son. She eyed her daughter with the hint of a smile on her lips. “JC.”

15. 13: Big City Blues aka A Chicago Tale in Three Parts, Trois by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (3963 words)
“I think I had too much to drink tonight,” she whispered with a groan.

16. 14: Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing by elle-miranda [Reviews - 1] (6215 words)

“Of course it’s OK. I just thought I was your dirty little secret.”

17. 15: Shadowboxing by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] (3783 words)

"Don't think about the camera, Mama. Don't even look at it," he whispers.

*this is one of those 'heed the rating' type chapters. smiles.  

18. 16: Undercurrents and Overtones by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (2863 words)

“Casey, I know you well enough to know that you really like him. But you’re kind of hot and cold sometimes. Just...don’t let Tony mess up the really good thing you have going now, OK? That’s all I’m saying.”

19. 17: Roundabout by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] (3324 words)

“A friend sent me the link.” She looked around the room uncomfortably. "Is it, um...going to be a problem? What he said about me and Justin?" 

um. it's been 2 months. i hope someone (other than my awesomewonderfulfantastic beta LadyX--baby, you da best!) is still interested in reading. 

20. 18: Kind of Blue by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] (2665 words)

She never lied, exactly. But there were levels to what she considered honest.

*insert words (lots of them) detailing why i haven't updated in so long. um...life.

<3 to ladyx because she helped me get my ass in gear. 

and thanks to miles davis for the chapter title! 

21. 19: Another Road, Another Mind by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] (2941 words)

"All the secrecy and now you're standing here in ninja mode." Jasmine raised an eyebrow, a smirk on her lips. "Should I be worried?" 

<3 to ladyx and everyone who's been reading! thank you so much for all of the views and comments. i appreciate you guys more than you know!!

22. 20: No Opportunity Necessary by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (4911 words)

"Hmm," Casey said mildly, looking beyond him to the beautiful woman who was blithely dabbing at her still-perfect lipstick. "Looks like you ran into your ex-girlfriend. So to speak."

i'm baaaaaack! i <3 you, ladyx! 

23. 21: Skeletons by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] Liked (3220 words)

"So that leaves you, JC. Is there a special lady in your life?"

an update! mere days after the last update! thanks a million billion times to ladyx for being a fantabulous beta and talking me through my crazy, and to alysen blaine for giving me inspo in the form of posting updates to her stories. they're totally the catalysts to this chapter happening!! <3 you guys! 

24. 22: Knocks Me Off My Feet by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] Liked (4272 words)

She opened her eyes and looked into his. He was looking at her, wide open and honest, and she blinked back the feeling of more tears. “Hey,” she whispered.

 drama, guys. and sex. but another update is good, yes? thank you, ladyx! you're amazing as alwaysssss. 

25. 23: Movin' On by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (3243 words)

“I told her you have a mean right hook.”

this one's kinda filler-y. gotta keep the story moving, after all. as always, merci beaucoup, ladyx!  

26. 24: Are You Sure Love Is the Name of This Game? by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] Liked (3452 words)

“OK, Casey, I’m just going to ask you straight up for the record: are you and JC hooked up?”

27. 25: Strong Winds & Papier Mâché by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (2531 words)

"I heard your interview yesterday," JC said casually.

28. 26: Conversing in the Key of J by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (4094 words)

 “I’m not about to attack you so you can take your hands off your hips and stop looking at me like that.”  


(my beta is the bomb. all the love to ladyx!) 

29. 27: Say I Am by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] Liked (4539 words)

I thought what happened in Vegas was supposed to stay there??


30. 28: Unraveling by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (3294 words)
“What do you mean you won’t be seeing each other anymore?”

31. 29: Back to Basics by elle-miranda [Reviews - 6] Liked (4062 words)

“I love you and I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. But, Case, at some point you’re going to have to grow up.”

 thank you, ladyx--not for just being a wonderful beta and encouraging friend, but for being a freaking amazing writer. (seriously, if you all aren't reading story of my life: rewritten, get your life AND GO READ IT! :D 

32. 30: Loose Ends by elle-miranda [Reviews - 1] Liked (2238 words)

“Things have been pretty weird between us for awhile now, huh?”

33. 31: Fair Game by elle-miranda [Reviews - 1] Liked (4582 words)

With an exhale, he’d raised the phone to his ear. “Hi,” he said softly.

thank you, ladyx! 

34. 32: Dressed in Black by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (3987 words)

Keeping her arm in place she shook her head. "I can't. Not yet."

35. 33: Breakthroughs & Possibilities by elle-miranda [Reviews - 1] Liked (2850 words)
“It’s like you said: I’ve wasted a lot of time.”

36. 34: White Flags by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] Liked (3922 words)

“So...” He bunched his pillow up behind him, tucking one arm under his head. “Let’s talk about this TRL thing.”

there's some (graphic) sex in this one. since we're nearing the end, let's consider it a last hurrah of sorts.  

37. 35: Contemplations and Conversations Rewound by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] Liked (4864 words)

“Hey.” He grasped one of her hands between both of us. “It’s gonna be OK, baby. Just...trust that.”

 thank you SO MUCH, LadyX!! 

38. 36: Painting Pictures by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] Liked (2134 words)

“Just two more shows after tonight, huh?”

39. Epilogue by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] Liked (2472 words)

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