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JC balances a successful solo career with a happy marriage/family

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Published: Nov 20, 2014 Updated: Nov 14, 2017
Story Notes:

Beta-ed by jcchasezsdolphin.tumblr.com & Elle-Miranda (Chapter 2 onwards) Please review

1. Prologue - Dear Goodbye by Puffitale [Reviews - 4] (1944 words)
Our story begins as JC meets a awkward journalist

2. Chapter 1 - One Night Stand by Puffitale [Reviews - 2] (4340 words)
JC wins two Grammys and gets laid.

3. Chapter 2 - Something by Puffitale [Reviews - 1] (4538 words)

Back story, death threats and SEEEEX, oh my!

4. Chapter 3 - 100 Ways by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4684 words)

JC has a slumber party, a sexy slumber party

5. Chapter 4 - Come to Me by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4781 words)

Splish, Splash, JC takes a bath (I'm not vey good at this)

Please Review

6. Chapter 5 - Up Against the Wall by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5975 words)
JC returns to New York

7. Chapter 6 - April Showers by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (6215 words)

JC & Ellie learn some lessons in love...

 Feedback is appreciated, don't be afraid to leave a comment.

8. Chapter 7 - You Ruined Me by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5484 words)


JC and Ellie go to L.A for Lance's birthday, a mini *NSYNC reunion occurs, yay! Stuff happens, Yay! Of the drama kind...yay? A Return to our usual smutty progarming, Yay!

Part 1 of 2 of 50 shades of Chasez project, I'll post 2 of 2 in a bit, mid-semester assignments etc. So, so, so, so sorry for the lateness of this update.

Best, Puff.

9. Chapter 8 - Snuffleupagus by Puffitale [Reviews - 2] (6056 words)
Don't cry over spoiled pianos and roses.

10. Chapter 9 - Blush and Bashful by Puffitale [Reviews - 2] (5656 words)

Things start becoming a little more serious for JC and Ellie.

I am so sorry for the lateness of this update, I got caught up in some things and it took awhile to get out a final version. Acciolovesong has joined Elle & Elise as my third beta, as always I would like to thank them for their edits 'n' stuff. Elle especially as she gave some great suggestions regarding some wording on the sex scene.

Also, the story ticked over 2000 views earlier this month. Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read it. Puff.

11. Chapter 10 - Mamas, Don't Let Your Girls Fall In Love With Cowboys. by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (6178 words)
'Summer love is like no other love.' As the northern summer draws to a close, I'm glad to submit a little Orlando vacation chapter for your viewing pleasure. Barbeques...yay! Strawberry filled sponge cakes...yay! Pool sex...the author of this fic does not advise unsafe or unsanitary sexual practices...yay! I hope y'all like it and I hope y'all remember to wear sunscreen. Weird little thing though, for some reason, the view count on chapter 8 is lower than the view count on chapter 9. I was wondering if some of you missed it, or you guys were avoiding some of the drama re:Justin. In case you did forget, remember to check out Chapter 8, there's burnt pancakes. Happy reading, try not to chafe yourselves, Puff.

12. Chapter 11 - All the Feels by Puffitale [Reviews - 5] (6198 words)
Ellie feels all the feels.

13. Chapter 12 - Now and Forever by Puffitale [Reviews - 2] (8741 words)

The lovers flee Orlando and take refuge in Louisiana...*woosh*...Oh my God, what was that?...It's a flash back...we're surround by flashbacks...

14. Chapter 13 - The Two of Us by Puffitale [Reviews - 1] (5738 words)

JC talks things over with Roy, anniversary date, blah.

Nice little fact: JC Chasez Has A Successful Solo Career: A Romance is just about to have it's 1st birthday. It feels like only yesterday sincethis story was still rated PG & I was only making my first reference to erections. ;) I'm also very happy to announce that the view count is well over 4000, with is just incredible, honestly. I honestly only wrote the prologue for a friend and posted it on tumblr, I never considered that a year later would I have published 13 more chapters with another 10 in draft. I also never anticipated all of the positive reviews or support (except for that one nasty Larry shipper.)  From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Here's to another year and 13 chapters.

15. Chapter 14 - Questions and Answers by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5837 words)

JC has a little Q&A, and him and Ellie try to do a little wedding planning.

Be good and I'll get you another update soon.

16. Chapter 15 - Pride and Prejudice by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5999 words)
Justin gets punched in the face.

17. Chapter 16 - Black and Carnation Pink by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (6388 words)
Poorly timed Xmas special: JC and Ellie go to a wedding, shit gets a little too real.

18. Chapter 17 - Toxic by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (6088 words)
Fifty Chasezes Darker ooooooh!

19. Chapter 18 - Love, American Style...Or Something... by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (7591 words)

*Posts whole Chapter into Chapter Notes box.* I was not supposed to do that.

A Small belated Valentine's special thingy, some cute fluffy stuff. May also contain sabotage...(sabotage)


20. Chapter 19 - Flaming Bag of Horseshit by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (6655 words)

JC and Ellie spend Thanksgiving with their families. 

Despite not winning anything, I'd like to thank everyone who did vote for me in the annual awards for me and this fic. I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support. JCHASSCAR is around 4 hits under 5800 views and I'm incredibly thankful for that. I would especially like to thank my three amazing betas; Elle-Miranda, acciolovestory and jcchasezsdolphin for putting up with the poor spelling and grammar as well as constant emails just being a general bother. Lastly, I would like to thank the mods and community, here and on tumblr for being so welcoming. I'm sorry I haven't shown you thanks any sooner. Enjoy.

21. Chapter 20 - Under My Tree by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4175 words)

Part one of a very special (and late) Christmas themed trilogy. It's a week before Christmas, and Ellie puts the tree up...or something...

LOOK! Phone sex!!!

22. Chapter 21 - You Are My Sunshine by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4742 words)

Surprise!!! JCHASSCAR Christmas in April-ganza pt 2 of 3!!!

Ellie & JC make a rather questionable decision.

23. Chapter 22 - Kiss Me At Midnight by Puffitale [Reviews - 1] (7374 words)
The shit hits the fan. Part 3 of the 3 part Belated Christmas thingy.

24. Chapter 23 – The Cottage of Excelsior by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5015 words)

JC & Ellie honeymoon in 'yon Empress of the North'/make out in the bath twice.

I am so so so so sooooooo so so so sorry for how long it's been since my last update. I've just finished the semester/been super depressed. I really hope you like this chapter. Big things a coming...both sexual and nonsexual things...yay!

25. Chapter 24 - Moonlight and Magnolias by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4671 words)
JC tells a rather passive agressive fairytale and Ellie gets strep throat.

26. Chapter 25 - The Start of a Grand Adventure (A.K.A.: So You've Ruined Your Life) by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (3721 words)
The fish jumps right into the boat.

27. Chapter 26 - Old Country Lullaby by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5746 words)
JC and Ellie handle some personal business down south.

28. Chapter 27 - Motorcycles and Uncertainties by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5177 words)
A naughty little flashback, then shit happens.

29. Chapter 28 - Second Chances by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5087 words)

Welcome to the first in the exclusive JCHASSCAR pregnancy sex series! O.M.G! Read as a fictionalised version of a famous dude does it with a pregnant woman! Yay!There's a sonogram and dick sucking! Wow! *NSYNC gets compared to the Beatles! You're probably not going to like the results! Post a comment to win a chance to either agree or disagree with the comparison! Dragon Tears! And It's all wherever the chapter is in correspondence with how you're reading this blurb! Is it down below? Is it through this link ? Is it through the heading link? Only you know!...


30. Chapter 29 - Mr. Chasez Goes To Washington by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4127 words)
In this very special 10,000 views edition of JC Chasez Has A Successful Solo Career: A Romance, JC and Ellie return to JC's birth place and have pregnancy sex in a bath tub! OH MY GOD! He also films a music video! SOLO CAREER STUFF! AMAZING! Something, something, something haircut! WOW!!!111!!!ONE!

31. Chapter 30 - Carefree Little One by Puffitale [Reviews - 1] (3877 words)
JC and Ellie find out what they're having and JC debuts his new single.

32. Chapter 31 - Wisteria Lined Lanes And Cottages By The Beach by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (3161 words)
In the next episode of the JCHASSCAR pregnancy sex series, JC and Ellie take some R&R before JC debuts his new video

33. Chapter 32 - I Dream of Magnolias In June by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4932 words)
Ellie turns 28 and her and JC discuss baptism traditions.

34. Chapter 33 - Dear Diary by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (3355 words)
JC does some promotional TV work.

35. Chapter 34 - Turdbubble by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (3602 words)
Ellie and Justin sort some things out and JC officially turns 30.

36. Chapter 35 - Sweet Merciful Crap by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (4921 words)

Ellie makes a cloaca joke.

Note: A cloaca is an opening found on animals such as birds and reptiles which, I think opens to the uretha, anus, and in the case of females, the vagina. A few Australian animals such as the echidna and platypus as well s the alligator of the Louisiana swamplands all possess the cloaca...

Spoilers: There's a cloaca joke in this chapter and I felt I needed to explain it. 

37. Chapter 36 - A Return to Form. by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (6148 words)
JC does some more promo and him & Ellie adapt to the changes to the logistics of their relationship...or something...

38. Chapter 38 - How To Nearly Get Arrested For Public Indecency by Puffitale [Reviews - 0] (5220 words)

JC & Ellie spend some time up at Makeout Point and JC teaches Ellie what a Cleveland Steamer is.



As some of you know - if you follow the notes on this story - I suffer from depression. Due to some issues with medication this year and other life stuff like moving and shit, I have not written much since March. Because of this, our time with the JCHASSCAR universe may soon be drawing to a close.

I do not want this: but alas I have been finding it difficult in the last 8 months or so to find a way to continue this story. I feel like this is my fault for moving things along too quickly and wanting not only a happy ending for JC & Ellie, but one that involved marriage and babies and such. Since I have very little romantic experience myself, let alone experience as a parent, I'm falling short at being able to find new and exciting situations to write about, unless you want me to do a "Look Who's Talking" type thing, and I think we can all say that we don't.

As the 3 year anniversary of when I first wrote the epilogue draws to a close, I must thank you all for your readership, and give a very extra thank you to the few of you who took the time to leave a comment. I am eternally grateful. I would also like to thank my betas Elle & Elise for helping me make this crap a little more bearable. Thank you.

This is not truly goodbye yet: but, again, I am not sure if it will be soon or not. I don't know. But I thank you for your understanding and patience regarding this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you have.

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