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JC and Reese spend one night together, fully expecting to never see each other again. Simple enough, right?


Not quite.   

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Published: Jun 05, 2015 Updated: Dec 07, 2017
Story Notes:

Apparently I've lost every bit of my sanity as I've started (and decided to post) yet another story. I blame the warm weather and sunshine. I always feel invincible in the summer. 

a million billion trillion thank yous to my dear friend LadyX for being the bestest, most encouraging beta!! you're a rockstar and i heart you!! 

and thank you SO VERY MUCH to every single person who voted for this story for the '16/Season 9 Awards. you guys are the bomb (dot) com.  


1. 1 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 8] (2558 words)

2. 2 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (2047 words)
xoxo to creativechaos & ladyx for indulging me. ;-)

3. 3 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (2011 words)

4. 4 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (1535 words)
again, many, many thanks to creativechaos and ladyx. smooches. (and unchecked mistakes are mine, not theirs!)

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6. 6 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] (1663 words)
allll of the looooove to ladyx! 

7. 7 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 5] (3045 words)

Thank you times a million to my wonderful beta, LadyX. <3 <3



8. 8 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 3] (1903 words)

hi guys! first of all, thank you so much for the nominations for this story! you all are awesome. :D 2ndly, i know the updates have been slow, but i'm really trying to (finally!) put bring it all to me to bed. i'm still writing this one, and i promise updates will be faster in the future. i so appreciate all of you who have been reading, and i super duper appreciate comments.

as always, thank you thank you thank to ladyx for just being an all around wonderful person and continuing to encourage me with this (and everything, really)!   

9. 9 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 4] (2048 words)
i've not forgotten about this story, and i hope you guys haven't either. i had kind of made the decision to wait on posting more of this until i finished biatm, but what with all of the opening night news (and omgomgomgthatvideoooooo) i've just been in the mood to write more in the current-jc universe. also, i have a wonderful beta who's just been really encouraging as far as this story goes (ladyx is seriously awesome, y'all!) and it's gotten to the point where my muses are kind of impatiently yelling at me to write more so...yeah. i can't promise the updates will be super regular until biatm is done (and it's sososoclose) but it is being written (ladyx can attest to that) and i'll be updating here and there. 

10. 10 by elle-miranda [Reviews - 2] (1653 words)
mother fuck it's been a year since i last updated this. more than one. well, sorry. i didn't forget about it and i hope y'all didn't either. uh, i plan to update weekly-ish now that biatm has been put to bed. 

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if you're still reading this, despite super spotty updates, i love you almost as much as i love my beta ladyx. i'm sorry; life shit, y'know?

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