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Summary: A washed-up pop star. The Crown Princess that's on the verge of becoming Queen. One's bitter at the world. The other's terrified at the prospect of inheriting it. Can these two save each other?
J.C. Chasez/OFC
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Published: Nov 08, 2016 Updated: May 13, 2017
Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not know J.C. Chasez...not many people do these days. This story is a complete work of fiction.

Author's Note: I blame Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip and the Netflix miniseries The Crown for this story. 

Cotia is a country that I made up for my other story Shattered Slipper, Twisted Fairy Tale. I'm using it again here but this story is not connected to that one in any way.

I'm aware that Queen Elizabeth II only has one daughter. Remember this is a work of fiction.

 In this story, we are going to examine how Justin royally fucked up JC's solo career by causing Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl. A warning to all Justin fans...everything in this story is completely true...except JC's reaction to it of course.

1. Chapter 1 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 1] (606 words)
I know that JC doesn't smoke. This is make believe. I'm going with a James Dean vibe for JC's personality in this fic.

2. Chapter 2 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 0] (484 words)

Author's Note: Even though Luciana is twenty-eight, she still would have been only seven or eight when *NSYNC first started performing in Europe. Yes, Princess Diana would have still been alive. Congrats *NSYNC fans...you're (we're) old!

Bastardo torpe = goofy bastard in Spanish.


3. Chapter 3 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 0] (578 words)

Spanish to English Translations for this Chapter:

te odio – I hate you

Puto matarme – Fucking kill me

relajarse – relax/chill out

Mátame ahora – Kill me now.

Cálmese – calm down

¿ Tienes que estar bromeando? - You got to be kidding?

4. Chapter 4 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 0] (1324 words)
Spanish Translations: hombre joven = young man, Mi pequeña princesa = My little princess, princesa = princess

5. Chapter 5 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 0] (498 words)

Author's Note: I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to update this story. I had a lot of unexpected things happen around the holidays. I haven't really had much time to read or write.

Disclaimer: Beauty and the Beast is copyright © Disney.

Spanish to English Translations:

mierda – shit


bolas - balls


6. Chapter 6 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 0] (859 words)

Spanish to English Translations:

¿Seriamente? - Seriously?

¿correcto? - correct?

Focha – coot

7. Chapter 7 by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 1] (1157 words)

Spanish to English Translations:

impresionante – awesome

niños – kids/children

Jodido infierno – Fucking hell

aparentemente no – apparently not

mi reina – my queen

impar - odd

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