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Summary: This fanfiction is about my favorite couple Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez and yes they are gay in my story. If you can't handle that you shouldn't start reading it. It tells their whole story beginning from the MMC and how they met, how they started dating and what everything happened between them till the present day. I apologize for any mistakes, but English isn't my mothertongue, so please don't be too harsh. I would also be pleased to read some comments, improvement suggestions and reviews.
Rated: NC-17
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Published: Nov 06, 2017 Updated: Dec 30, 2017

1. Chapter 1 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (1598 words)

2. Chapter 2 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (2371 words)

3. Chapter 3 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (1279 words)

4. Chapter 4 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (2458 words)

5. Chapter 5 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (3644 words)

6. Chapter 6 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (5171 words)

7. Chapter 7 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (6390 words)

8. Chapter 8 by littleMissChasez [Reviews - 0] (4011 words)

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