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Summary: Marie hadn't spoken to JC Chasez since she was nineteen. She's twenty-one now and her past literally comes knocking on her door during the holiday season.Will two lovers get a second chance? Can JC forgive Marie for the secret she's kept from him?
Merry Christmas 2017, Marie_R9! This is for being literally my only reviewer on this site and the only reason I keep posting here
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Published: Dec 24, 2017 Updated: Dec 24, 2017

1. One-Shot by BadWolf1988 [Reviews - 1] (1118 words)

Disclaimer: Nope. This never happened. JC Chasez doesn't have a kid and I don't own a Timeturner, Delorean, or a TARDIS, my screen name be damned.

Disclaimer II: I don't own the song 'I Don't Wanna Spend One More Christmas Without You'. I'm not even sure what *NSYNC album it is on. (Beta Note: It was on an album called Platinum Christmas, produced by Jive Records in 2000 with 16 different artists.)

Thank you to Meghan for beta reading this story.

Merry Christmas 2017, Marie!

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