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It's the little imperfections it's the sudden change in plans...she lives for little moments like that.

A companion to A Love Worth Learning

 When Justin takes Sky to LA for the fourth of July weekend she didn't really know what to expect...

Rated: NC-17
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Series: Continuing Education: ALWL Shorts
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Published: Jul 03, 2008 Updated: Jul 03, 2008
Story Notes:

I don't own Justin Timberlake or Nsync but all the work written here is mine and cannot be used without my permission!!! So be cool and don't take mah shit kthnxbai!

Okay ALWL fans!!! Sky and J are just way too much a part of me so I couldn't just leave it at the end. So here's a little something for you Skystin fans. Enjoy!


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