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Summary: When sparks fly while recording Jordin wants to know if her music is the only thing Justin is passionate about...
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Published: Jul 05, 2008 Updated: Jan 12, 2009

1. Chapter 1 by sChErZo [Reviews - 3] (1595 words)

2. Chapter 2 by sChErZo [Reviews - 0] (1821 words)
so i've had this chapter written for a while and i thought i'd posted it, but i guess not; so today you're getting not one, but TWO updates! =]

3. Chapter 3 by sChErZo [Reviews - 2] (2329 words)
here's update number two for today, hope you enjoy! =]

4. Chapter 4 by sChErZo [Reviews - 0] (2404 words)
omg, i thought i had this posted already, sorry guys.  but i wanna thank all of those who have stuck it out with me this long and i have a treat...two chapters in one night!!!  hope you enjoy them!

5. Chapter 5 by sChErZo [Reviews - 1] (1889 words)

as i promised here's the second chapter for tonight =]  happy new year everyone!

6. Chapter 6 by sChErZo [Reviews - 1] (2482 words)
here's the latest installment!  hope ya'll enjoy and feedback is always appreciated! =]

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