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I've always been a huge fan of *NSYNC since they came out. Actually I've been a huge fan of Justin and JC's since their MMC days years ago.


I've always been a writer for as long as I can remember. Its always been something for me to do to pass the time.  


Some of you may recognize the story from before when I had another account here, but I lost all the information for that account and had to do another. 

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Stories by JTLove1982
Falling For You by JTLove1982 (NC-17) [Reviews - 0] New!

Members of NSYNC have found the loves of their lives, will they risk it all for love?

Chris Kirkpatrick and Izzy Carmichael were a great couple when they were together. However, when he was given the choice of picking his dream or the love of his life, he made the worst decision. Can he win her back?

JC Chasez and Mady Carmichael have been best friends since he moved to Florida for the Mickey Mouse Club. The Summer of their senior things changed between them, but instead of it starting their romance, it seemed to have halted it. Can they finally put their mutual fears aside and follow their hearts?

Joey Fatone and Charly Carmichael have always been best friends and a little bit more for a long time. Up until 9 months ago, now, they were just friends and it's driving him crazy. However, he realizes that Charly needs him more now than ever. Will a tragedy be a blessing in disguise for them both?

Lance Bass and Sammy Carmichael have been best friends from the moment that they met. However, both of them have secretly been in love with each other, can they finally follow their hearts or will it lead to heartbreak?

Justin Timberlake and Lexy Carmichael have ALWAYS been best friends. She's always been seen as a tomboy. She's never been seen as the woman she's become and not by the one that matters the most. Will two best friends finally discover that the greatest love was right in front of them the whole time? 

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