01. You may nominate yourself, or another Author. But please provide the Author's name and email address on the form. (If the story is hosted on the Archive, author email is not needed.)

02. An Author/Story may not be nominated for more than 15 categories total.

03. An Author may not be nominated more than once in a category.

04. Both complete and incomplete stories of any length are accepted in all catagories except when otherwise noted in the category desctiption.

05. Stories must be hosted on a website (no message boards or journals). If you need a host check out

06. Slash stories are eligible in all categories.

07. Crossover stories are eligible in all categories, as long as an NSync'er is the main character.

08. Be sure you nominate stories in the correct categories, if not the nomination will not be accepted

09. Categories will be closed after 20 nominees and they must have 3 nominees to be eligible for voting.

10. It is mandatory to add a banner linking back to this site somewhere on your site, - index page... splash page... story page... wherever - to show that you accept the nomination and so your visitors and readers will know to vote for you. If your story is hosted at NF remember to add the banner to the story or chapter notes section not the summary section.

11. Need I say? Plagiarized work will be disqualified.

12. Previous Season winners are not eligible for nomination in that same category except for a different work. (IE. Mary Sue won Enchanting Romance for "My Lovely" last season. "My Lovely" can not be nominated the next season for Enchanting Romance but her other story "Forever Yours" can.)

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