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I challenge I made for myself to get me writing more. My goal is to have a story to each *NSYNC song off of their albums (not counting the Christmas, overseas, and Greatest Hits albums). Wish me luck!

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The Dark Side To Love by Ambs07 (NC-17)

Amelia is a girl that has everything going for her, she thinks she has her life together and knows what she wants in life, until she meets him. Everybody hates him at first glance but she is totally smitten with him, and would go to the ends of the earth for him, even though she knows it could cost her everything, her daugther, her best friend and her...
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theusagirl said:

Haha! This line made me laugh "Then why are you looking at me like my dog just peed on your furniture?" LMAO! Yay! Melissa is in the studio recording her 1st song, this is so nice, Im liking this.. :)...

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