Spam Reviews

Hey ladies... I've received a few emails, and I replied to all (if not most), about the spamming that went on posing as new reviews.

A temporary fix, I've turned off the Anonymous reviews and authors may now delete all reviews, including those spam ones.

I'll try and find a way to permanently safeguard the site so I can turn the anonymous reviews on again.

Sorry to everyone who got caught in this mess. :(

Vikki on 06/30/09 - 03:15PM ( 3 Comments)

NF Awards are back!

Woo hoo!

Head on over and start nominating... yourself, and your fav authors and stories.

Nominations are open for 2 months, so don't wait too long :)

Vikki on 11/09/08 - 07:18PM ( 0 Comments)

new community

Nikki asked about the old message board ... and i had deleted it i think, i dunno, lol!

but i put up a new one! yay! please stop by and check it out....

Vikki on 08/25/08 - 09:12PM ( 0 Comments)

the NEW NF Archive

Ok everyone... the new archive is all moved in. We are working on pointing the url to the directory, but for now you may access the site with the following link...

Vikki on 08/24/08 - 06:04PM ( 0 Comments)


Please disregard the last post.  

Tia and I are working on keeping both archives up so there's little to no inconvience to any authors and members.

Hopefully this move will go though nice and smoothly and no one will know the difference.

Vikki on 08/21/08 - 10:22PM ( 6 Comments)

Upgrading Sucks!

Ok... the "upgrading" did not go so well for me. I have "modified" this version to my liking and therefore received too many errors during the upgrading process.... so I say f*ck it. We're fine as is! :)

Now to the next order of business. Nikki from Tasting Eden will be your new mommy here on the archive. Now as you all know, she is also the new mommy for the archive. Oh, what to do? Hey! Why not make the two archive's just one archive? YaY! Brilliant!

Now... it would be fabulous if I can just do a little web magic and poof, all is done. But unfortunately the wonderful people over at efiction (the script we're running on), has not advanced enough to let us do that.

SO... it is up to you authors and members to register (if you haven't already) and move your stories over to this archive.

Why THIS archive you may ask.... because there are twice as many stories here and some belonging to authors no longer around to MOVE their stories.

Why not keep BOTH archives on Yes I've thought about it, but after making a pro's and con's list, it really wasn't making much sense. Nikki and I figured that as long as there is one archive to go to post and read, everything else will fall into place.

 "But what about all my wonderful reviews?" may ask. Well, we're asking you to kinda take one for the team there. I promise you, I will personally lavish your stories with more reviews. Well ok... not really because that's A LOT of stories, but I will try! Pinky swear!


For any of you who registered/submitted links to NF Directory. Sorry you will need to do so AGAIN. Due to the fact that I recovered the domain back to Aug 18. Sorries! :(

Vikki on 08/21/08 - 10:10AM ( 1 Comments)

Upgrading & Transfering

ok... deep breath everyone.

I received an email from Nikki this morning as the new admin of

We are both looking into how we can transfer the authors and stories from to here and have one archive on Nikki will be your admin here and I will be in the backdrop in an 'as-needed' position.

I will be upgrading the script from 2.0 to the new 3.0 to be compatiable with the archive. So if you see any funny things going on, you know why ;)

This will not affect the database.... all stories, reviews, etc are safe. No need to backup ... again :)

I'll continue to keep you all updated, stay tuned!

Vikki on 08/18/08 - 01:12PM ( 0 Comments)

About Tia &

I have been recieving emails this weekend about the closing of Tia's archive on

I will open registration for new members AFTER I get in touch with Tia. I need to be sure that she is serious about stepping down first. I do not want there to be any confusion between the two archives.

I will need someone who will commit to moderating the archive, as I will not have the free time to do so. But I will continue to pay for the hosting and domain name... that's not a problem anymore.

Please be patient while I try to figure this all out. I want what's best for everybody, no matter if that means keeping things the way they are... or changing it.

Hang in there everyone. :)

Vikki on 08/17/08 - 06:34PM ( 1 Comments)


New site... NF DIRECTORY

Please go check it out! I think it could be a brilliant site if we all work together... thanks! :)

Vikki on 08/13/08 - 11:45PM ( 0 Comments)

Happy Birthday JC!

I hope everyone took a moment to read the message I've written on the main page.

Although the site is up and running, it is no longer open to new authors. You may visit Tia over at for new membership. 

Authors may continue to add/edit as they wish.

With good news, comes bad news... I wont be able to maintain the site, so I'm hoping the old mods will come back and help take care. Ladies please contact me... thanks :)

To everyone else... welcome back.


Thanks to Tia, a hosted site is coming back too.

NF Awards -

Vikki on 08/08/08 - 04:38PM ( 0 Comments)

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