Spam Reviews

Hey ladies... I've received a few emails, and I replied to all (if not most), about the spamming that went on posing as new reviews.

A temporary fix, I've turned off the Anonymous reviews and authors may now delete all reviews, including those spam ones.

I'll try and find a way to permanently safeguard the site so I can turn the anonymous reviews on again.

Sorry to everyone who got caught in this mess. :(

Vikki on 06/30/09 - 03:15PM ()

Thanks for the e-mail :) I just tried to delete a review and it still says I'm not authorized to do so :-/

Sassy Spacey on 06/30/09 - 03:57PM

me too actually heh

Leeann on 07/25/09 - 12:27PM

Me too. Any fix in sight?

freakinfatone on 11/20/09 - 03:12PM

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