Ain't No Stopping Us Now
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Title: Ain't No Stopping Us Now
Author: Lyricalfiction
Category: Long Stories
Characters: none given
Summary: This is an old school fic that is supposed to be fun and a bit outrageous!  Think back, way back, to when Nsync had that injuction on the No Strings Attached CD because they were leaving RCA or whatever.  Well, what happens when Nsync doesn't wait for the record execs and decides to sell their CD themselves?  Oh, and what about when they find out they are in the middle of a big conspiracy?!  Well, it won't stop the boys of Nsync.  They just keep on keeping on!
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none given
Chapters: 5 Submitted: 08/09/06
Words: 8853 Updated: 08/09/06
Completed: not completed
Series: is not part of any series
Challenges: none
1 Chapter 1: The Situation at HandLyricalfiction Reviews (1) 1295 words
Author notes:
2 Chapter 2: The Making of the PlanLyricalfiction Reviews (0) 1804 words
Author notes:
3 Chapter 3: Justin's StoryLyricalfiction Reviews (0) 1809 words
Author notes:
4 Chapter 4: Mind Over GirlfriendLyricalfiction Reviews (0) 2172 words
Author notes:
5 Chapter 5: The Break InLyricalfiction Reviews (0) 1773 words
Author notes: Reviews are greatly appreciated!  It gives you karma and cookies as well.  I'm sure you'd get a cookie from somewhere!
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