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god gave me style (Signed) on Aug 31, 2008 09:11 am (The Wake Up Call)
I'm so glad you are updating this again! I'm pretty sure that this is my second favorite story of yours! YAY for newness :)

MochaB (Signed) on Aug 27, 2008 04:29 pm (The Wake Up Call)
i hope you saw my review before the archive was moved, but just in case...gaaah i love this! i can see why josie feels how she does, and i can see why justin feels how he does. i can also see why mel is scared now. ugh. it's just all a mess, which just got even bigger with justin having his one night stand! explain that one to josie. haha. update soon. :o)

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Alysen Blaine said: Yes. Yummy. Very, very yummy.

Author's Response: Numnum. You like seafood too then ;)