Reviews For Fate
MochaB (Signed) on Sep 16, 2009 07:21 pm (Chapter 1)
Lol obviously it was meggie, but I am definitely glad she wanted more. I enjoyed it! It was really cute. :o)

Author's Response: Thanks Mocha, dear.  You are so wonderful!  Glad you enjoyed--and thanks for taking the time to review, it means a lot.

meggie (Signed) on Sep 15, 2009 04:20 pm (Chapter 1)
It was meeee! Thank you thank you thank you! I really do love this series!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much.  I'm really glad you like it so much.  I'll try and write some better stuff--I haven't really had "it" lately.  But your review is so welcome!  Let me know if you ever want a request, I'm happy to write one for you.

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Alysen Blaine said: Yes. Yummy. Very, very yummy.

Author's Response: Numnum. You like seafood too then ;)