War by Manda Chasez - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 5560 - Reads: 3289)
JC vowed never to regret having a son.  The moment he held his boy for the first time, he knew they were on their own against the world.  But...

Cheating is never good...Its great!! by Schnessa - [Reviews - 30]
(Wordcount: 20759 - Reads: 42015)

She's a cheater and she knows it. But her boyfriend doesn't. Too bad she's cheating with his best friend.

Blame by Ally - [Reviews - 11]
(Wordcount: 4787 - Reads: 5164)

"This is what you asked for
lame, lame, lame
The guy is always gonna get the blame
You said you want me to stop
but you keep...

A sequel to Cheating is never good...it's great!

Shadow by Coffee - [Reviews - 30]
(Wordcount: 85594 - Reads: 60732)
When Superstar Justin Timberlake meets up-and-coming song
bird Marz, it's a match made in pop music heaven and a publicist dream. The only
Secret by Coffee - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 1462 - Reads: 1878)
I know I don't know you... But I want you so bad. Can you keep a secret?

The Diary of an Affair Series by Coffee - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 14913 - Reads: 8821)
Winner of Best Short at the Vanilla Rush Awards!

Love can only take you so far. Things go wrong, bad things happen, people...

No Strings Attached by Mack_Attack22 - [Reviews - 63]
(Wordcount: 50021 - Reads: 55787)

The face is the mirror of the mind. And eyes, without speaking, confess the secrets of the heart. Sometimes you fall for someone, even when you don't...

When You Got A Good Thing by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 48]
(Wordcount: 21106 - Reads: 32282)

JC Chasez has just recovered from a difficult hospitalization after overworking, overexhausting and overstressing himself.  He is being...

I Run To You by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 26]
(Wordcount: 13193 - Reads: 20544)
Whitney thinks she has received the opportunity of a lifetime when she is hired to be one of Justin Timberlake's new back-up dancers.  Turns out...

Right Here by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 4]
(Wordcount: 4989 - Reads: 5582)

After hitting several roadblocks, Lance is almost ready to give up on fatherhood.  Almost, that is, until he reaches out to Justin's fiancee...

Come To Me by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 16]
(Wordcount: 4797 - Reads: 13077)

Lying here pretending that you’re closer than you are

Swear I heard you whispering “would someone break my fall?”


Alien by Belia - [Reviews - 15]
(Wordcount: 20780 - Reads: 20426)

Raina just needed some money for college, but she got a lot more than she expected.


Breaking your heart was never my intention

He Ate My Heart by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 23]
(Wordcount: 5109 - Reads: 8842)


With A Single Stroke by kasia87 - [Reviews - 11]
(Wordcount: 681 - Reads: 733)
He'll turn his entire world upside down with one signature and the stroke of his pen. 

Subtitles by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 8]
(Wordcount: 1774 - Reads: 1758)

Nothing's going to keep you quite as warm on a wintry night in Paris like a little body heat. 

NF Awards Season 7 Winner: Best...

Voyeur by Alysen Blaine - [Reviews - 6]
(Wordcount: 2985 - Reads: 628)

“Hey babe, There’s a video for you to watch from JC and I for you and Aiden.You fucked with...

What would you do if you accidentally made a sex tape with your boyfriend's bestfriend?

I was the sweet, innocent, regular, high school graduate...

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(Washed Up) by ninabina (NC-17)

Justin Timberlake used to be the biggest icon in pop music, and an even bigger entrepreneur.  But a twist of fate took his life, his career, and his future, and smashed it into 100 million pieces.  What happens when Justin moves back to his childhood home to try and salvage what's left of his manhood?  The story inspiration: he...
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