The LoveSound Series by Sassy Spacey - Liked [Reviews - 15]
(Wordcount: 35495 - Reads: 17300)
Lindsay takes off from her life in California and settles in a small town in the country and tries to start over.

Winner of season...

Time to be Your 21 by sChErZo - [Reviews - 7]
(Wordcount: 12520 - Reads: 10559)
When sparks fly while recording Jordin wants to know if her music is the only thing Justin is passionate about...

Another Song (All Over Again) by Coffee - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 2353 - Reads: 1966)
Justin wants one more chance.

Let's Take A Ride by Coffee - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 4965 - Reads: 1535)
Eryn's had a very bad day.

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Just What I Needed by Ally (PG-13)

Superstar Justin Timberlake had everything at his fingertips. Women, money, power, and anything else he could ever want at his beck and call. But there was something missing. Somthing that he just couldn't place. When 3 year old Riley is suddenly left in his care he has to shape up fast and leave his life of promiscuity and partying behind and be...
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Alysen Blaine said: Yes. Yummy. Very, very yummy.

Author's Response: Numnum. You like seafood too then ;)