Tick-a-tock-a by sChErZo - Liked [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 1917 - Reads: 2366)
this one time, in band class...

The One Nighter by BrandyRae - Liked [Reviews - 18]
(Wordcount: 109471 - Reads: 78545)
Cassidy Nickel is angry at the world, but more in general--the male species. Justin Timberlake is set on changing her mind. What they both need is to let...

It Was the Jazz by Coffee - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 1763 - Reads: 2530)
Winner of Best Visual at the Vanilla Rush Awards!

Lauren's been home for a few hours, and there's no one there to...

Naughty Girl by Coffee - [Reviews - 3]
(Wordcount: 2443 - Reads: 2638)

Two key people: Krystal and JC. One key place: The Bathroom.

My First Night (Our Family Album part 2) by Coffee - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 3332 - Reads: 2583)
The intimate details of Justin and McKayla's first sexual encounter.

I Love You More by Coffee - [Reviews - 1]
(Wordcount: 8696 - Reads: 2038)
The more that you put me through, the more it makes me want to come back to you. The more that you slap me, the more that it turns me on. Cuz you love...

Rub One Out by ninabina - [Reviews - 6]
(Wordcount: 3627 - Reads: 9960)
Trish gets stressed out when she forgets her wall street boy toy, who is super picky about appearances, is coming back from his convention tomorrow. ...

Carry Out (Our Family Album part 7) by Coffee - [Reviews - 10]
(Wordcount: 5416 - Reads: 2097)
Our favorite couple puts a spin on Justin's latest collaboration.

A Night Off - One Shot by sChErZo - [Reviews - 2]
(Wordcount: 3143 - Reads: 2338)
This is a one-shot based off the lyrics to Drake's song bearing the same title off of his 'So Far Gone' mixtape.  I'd had the urge...

Backstage by ninabina - [Reviews - 4]
(Wordcount: 3686 - Reads: 3033)
Everyone wishes they knew what really happens backstage.

The Sex Scene by a_moments_grace - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 3634 - Reads: 1892)
I was hired on this video shoot as a dancer.  I had no idea it was going to require acting...especially acting like this.  *VISUAL*

Glitter in the Air by fastmelodic - [Reviews - 5]
(Wordcount: 7066 - Reads: 1267)

"Have you ever...

Subtitles by Whit1210 - [Reviews - 8]
(Wordcount: 1774 - Reads: 1758)

Nothing's going to keep you quite as warm on a wintry night in Paris like a little body heat. 

NF Awards Season 7 Winner: Best...

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