As readers, we sit and spend minutes (hell... hours!) of our day reading fan fiction stories, getting caught up in the lives of these characters, a world, sometimes a different reality, created by a fan just like you and me, of NSYNC.

Whether its a young Justin, seducing his older tutor.

Or JC, falling for a bright new spunky talent he's producing.

Lance, coming out to his bandmates, way before he did in reality.

Or Chris and Joey, fighting for the love of the same girl.

And we can't forget those original characters, the leading ladies created from thin air but seem as real as the girl next door.

Fan fiction has been entertaining us all for more than ten years, and now its time to go behind the writing, inside the head of some very talented authors, and ask some big questions...

The idea for Unwritten was originally created by Nikki as Romancier De la Ville.

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