UNWRITTEN is currenty back on NF.COM! We will be kicking things off officially during the month of May with a new author interview! Stay tuned and if you are interested in submitting questions or suggesting fresh new authors for us to interview, please feel free to contact us with that information! Love and miss you all! Happy to be back! Previous interviews have been connected/uploaded with the exception of DaysGoBy (hand-coding takes a hot second but it will be up ASAP!) Read what we have!

   -- Nikki on 04.10.15

Happy Holidays! I'm not going to apologize for being late, because well... you should expect it by now lol! It doesn't really matter because you're here to read Mere's interview, you'll love it and forgive me before you're even done reading it. :)

By the way, Kate is next up so don't forget to send in you're questions!

   -- Vikki on 12.10.09

Late again, I suck at life. If you still love me then I'm happy to share Hollie's interview with you! Read, enjoy, then send in a question for the next author in the hot seat, Mere! :)

   -- Vikki on 09.24.09

Sorry for being m.i.a. in July. Boo Vikki, yes I know. But to make up for it, Glowbug917's interview is posted and yay for our next author (my fav hobbit) Hollie!

   -- Vikki on 08.06.09

Next author is Glowbug! Oh did I mention? Megan's interview is up? Its a must read! Like right now... go! lol!

   -- Vikki on 06.02.09

Heather's interview is up! Go read! Go read! Next author is Megan, send in a question if you have one. :)

   -- Vikki on 05.04.09

Site now open and accepting questions for our first Featured author, Heather!

   -- Vikki on 04.27.09

interview now up!


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