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There was a penniless, wallet less, white boy in my house in the middle of North Philly with cuts and bruises and memory loss and all I had was a pocket knife, three bandages, and a cat to protect me. UPDATED 9/21

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1. Snow by Timberlake [Reviews - 33] (2243 words)
I don't know, once again.

2. Destiny by Timberlake [Reviews - 14] (6742 words)
Probably a lot of errors, but I'll deal with it later. I wanted to get this up because I know what I want to do with this story for some reason, haha. If only I could get inspiration for my other stories... yeah. Thanks so much for the reviews! All read and appreciated =]

3. Comfortable by Timberlake [Reviews - 5] (4302 words)
I'm so glad you guys are reading this and liking it! It's really nice of y'all to say you like Sash's character. I dig her too. She's fiesty, haha. Keep doin' what you're doing and thank you again =]

4. Morning by Timberlake [Reviews - 7] (6948 words)

5. Basement by Timberlake [Reviews - 9] (4353 words)
Thank you guys so much for reading and review. I suck at individual replies, but I read them all and I'm glad you like the story so much! You guys have no idea how excited I am to know that =] Thankies again - Mari

6. Addicted by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (3914 words)
hey, here's the update! it's my birthday, so i wanted to put this up before i didn't have time and got too wasted to remember, lmao.

7. Sadness by Timberlake [Reviews - 7] (3899 words)
Thankies so much for the wonderful reviews y'all! Britters, I updated for ya, sugar. You made me feel bad, haha. I rushed to get this up, but it's a bit longer than the others. I don't know when I'll update again, so forgive the gaps. I got a lot of school crap going on. The joys of college life. lol. Anyhoot, enjoy, my lovelies!

8. Tonight by Timberlake [Reviews - 9] (6552 words)

9. Adoration by Timberlake [Reviews - 9] (5797 words)

10. Lies by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (5504 words)
Sorry, school and work and DRAMA. i really hate people. Anyway, thanks for featuring me!!! YAY! this is long, so hopefully it'll make up for the time gap. Read and review, lovlies =)

11. Truth by Timberlake [Reviews - 13] (5572 words)
Sorry, I was having issues with the chapter, but now it's up! On a side note, CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! CHANGE!

12. Goodbye by Timberlake [Reviews - 17] (4306 words)
Aw, ladies (and gents, if you're out there), I feel so bad for doing this to y'all, I do. The reviews are tearing me apart, haha. I guess I should just apologize now because this doesn't get much better.... lmao

13. Vacation by Timberlake [Reviews - 17] (4532 words)
Hey, I'm sooooo sorry. School and writer's block and boy stuff =[ LOL I really hate men right now. they are confusing! sorry for the rant...but here's the chapter. excuse the errors!

14. Goodnight by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (5251 words)
well, thanks so much for the responses people! y'all seriously crack me up. i have never seen so many hype, angry, excited, and funny responses. i really do appreciate the feedback. it gives me ideas! this chapter might be a little slow, but it's necessary... i think. idk. LOL. just figuring this out as we go along the sash/matthew/justin trail =] lol

15. Dinner by Timberlake [Reviews - 11] (6540 words)
Hey, thanks for all the reviews, ya'll! Sash and Justin are taking baby steps. Thanks for sticking with me! FINALS ARE OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. After next week's workload, i can start writing full time. college is completely overrated and so is having a job! lol anyway, read on!

16. Sweetness by Timberlake [Reviews - 6] (3932 words)
happy new year! thanks for the previous reviews! =]

17. Waiting by Timberlake [Reviews - 18] (6553 words)
Thanks again!

18. Cheating by Timberlake [Reviews - 17] (5164 words)

19. Conclusions by Timberlake [Reviews - 16] (5042 words)

20. Hesitation by Timberlake [Reviews - 17] (6293 words)
Hey, y'all! Thanks for reading along. School sucks, but I have my art classes and that's exciting, I guess. Too many projects tho =[ anyway, here it is!

21. Taste by Timberlake [Reviews - 15] (3931 words)
Thanks for all the reviews! I'm glad you're all frustrated, haha. I don't know how you'll feel about this =/ lol

22. Big Mac by Timberlake [Reviews - 9] (7531 words)
Thanks for the frustrated reviews! haha

23. Friends by Timberlake [Reviews - 16] (6223 words)
Sorry, life sucks. I'm ready to drop out of college. I didn't get into my art program. three years down the drain.

24. Testing by Timberlake [Reviews - 7] (6033 words)
Errors, errors, errors. i might rewrite this =[ I have finals, don't judge me, haha

25. Bedtime by Timberlake [Reviews - 7] (10525 words)
I guess I should warn you guys... Not so PG towards the end, I don't think. It's not that big of a deal, but I don't know... Don't want anybody like OMG. LOL okay, it's not that deep, but i guess it's standard to warn people. and this is kinda long. i don't know why. :)

26. Nothing by Timberlake [Reviews - 14] (5511 words)
hey, sorry about the errors. i had rewritten the mircowave scene and forgot to take out some lines and whatnot *blushes* my bad. i think it's fixed. if not, i'm too lazy to go through it again, haha. i know the stepmom's name isn't really joy and i know that it's buckley and not brian. i wasn't being 100% factual here. sorry to the diehard fans who knew all this. i just honestly like the names joy and brian better and outside influences also helped with my decision on the names. if it really bothers you, i guess i apologize, haha.

27. Beach by Timberlake [Reviews - 9] (7849 words)

thanks for the reviews............ :)

28. Introductions by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (4541 words)
hey lovelies! i suck at replying to reviews, but i am reading them! very funny and very useful information. keep it coming!

29. Roomies by Timberlake [Reviews - 18] (8888 words)
You asked for it....LOL

30. Fight by Timberlake [Reviews - 14] (6929 words)

31. Consequences by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (3785 words)

I bet you weren't expecting this update! Neither was I. Hope it's not rushed :/

32. Five by Timberlake [Reviews - 13] (5798 words)
I could've sworn I just added this chapter, but okay... whatever, haha. Again, thanks for the reviews. Sorry for not updating in ten years. Just started school again. Love college - not. Can't wait to graduate. turning 21 in seven days!!!!! excitement :D

33. Awkwardness by Timberlake [Reviews - 10] (4235 words)
Hello! Sorry, loves. School is whooping some serious boo-tay! lol I'm under so much stress... sorry for the suckiness of this chapter. I'm kinda low on creativity. I keep reading all this crap for school and it's so bone dry that I think it's milking me of any little mojo that I have left :( Thanks for all the reviews last chapter! And of course for the reviews before that and the reviews to come. You guys treat me so right :) hopefully I'll be able to treat you guys a little more frequently *fingers crossed!* okie dokie, kiddos. go read and tell me how much it sucks! lol

34. Pretend by Timberlake [Reviews - 13] (4876 words)
Hello, lovelies! God, I missed this damn site, haha. I can't believe I have an update :D lol thanks for the reviews last chapter. i'm halfway done the next installment already *pats self on the back* so hopefully the next update will be here sooner than later :)

35. Mamadukes by Timberlake [Reviews - 14] (6692 words)
Hey, sorry. School...ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol

36. Stuck by Timberlake [Reviews - 8] (7013 words)
I know what you're all thinking "damn, Mari, where have you been?????" and I can tell you this: school, work, school, working out, school, working out, work, school, school, school, work...etc, etc. Not to mention some extreme writer's block. I'm surprised I got this up, but I'm nearing a month without an update (yeesh!) and i felt the need to give you SOMETHING. now, if all goes well, I'll be updating within the next two weeks. I have a lot of directions for Sash and Justin and it's hard to find the proper path, but lets see where these crazy kids end up ;) thanks for being patient and for all those lovely reviews. i know i suck at replying to them, but i read 'em, i swear! haha

37. Edge by Timberlake [Reviews - 11] (5485 words)
Thanks for reading and reviewing. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Hannukah and Happy Kwanza today as well :D Now lets see what these crazy kids have been up to...

38. Loser by Timberlake [Reviews - 14] (2927 words)
Hey y'all. Thanks for the reviews. Look how fast I'm updating! *pats self on the back* I got work tomorrow and after that, I'm partying like it's 1999 lol. I will not be updating the rest of the week and had this little snippet done, so I thought I'd just let you have it. Your reviews had me rolling lol. I couldn't keep it from you guys much longer. I was just as excited to find out myself. Hope you all have a wonderful new year and I'll see you in 2010! :D

39. Date by Timberlake [Reviews - 15] (7982 words)
Damn, took me long enough! you all hate me, haha. this is kind of long and it'll ease us into the next chapter :) sorry for the delay, but i'm gonna shut up now cause you want to read, i guess :D lol btw, i met ROBIN THICKE!!!!! he loved my sign (yes, i took it back to the nsync concert days) and he let me come backstage :DDDDDD so HYPE. love that sexy man. God bless him! lol

40. Ultimatum by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (9444 words)
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hello, lovelies! I just wrote this and decided to put it out. there's a lot of craziness popping off in my head and i'm easing y'all into it! lol i wanted to give you a little something, something for the time being. and look - before i promised an update! i still have finals, but hopefully this will hold you over. i hope you enjoy this snippet of what's to come. i haven't written in a while so i gotta warm up to it again. i've missed you all so much, you and your crazy comments! (mochaB, i'm putting you out there and there tina, i see you!) and the rest of you guys are noted as well, so don't feel unloved.one of these days i'll get around to actually replying, but i have read every review, trust me. anyway, shout out to GLEE lovers! that show is CRACK, so i gotta put it out there, besides, Puck and Finn... *tap*tap* that's me smacking their gorgeous asses! lol anyway, enough random thoughts about my GLEEKINESS and on to the story! *muah*

41. Decision by Timberlake [Reviews - 12] (4349 words)
Thanks for the reviews (especially the extra long ones ;) ) been busy with life lately. I swear, I used to never be this busy lol. Anyway, enjoy, review! It's the moment you've been waiting for... I hope y'all don't freak out too much... :/ lol

42. Breakfast by Timberlake [Reviews - 5] (3863 words)
hello lovelies! update, short, but hopefully sweet.

43. Doubts by Timberlake [Reviews - 6] (7536 words)

44. Gross by Timberlake [Reviews - 14] (7712 words)
yikes, been a while. senior year of college + man troubles = lack of time/inspiration :/ lol

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