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With this ring, I thee wed…wait a minute-What?!

Okay so sure, every since Lorraine has known Justin she’s always taken his hand without any hesitation. However, what they never had in mind was taking each other’s hand in marriage. Especially when their significant others are waiting at home.

Don't know what to do

What to say

 Not sure what to tell you


Unsure what to do after drunken “I Do’s” have been said, now sober they are only left to wonder…

Were they just empty meaningless vowels?

Or do intoxicated words hold more truth then their willing to face?

Which way do I 

Take your hand

Or let go…

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Published: Oct 14, 2008 Updated: Nov 15, 2009
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1. Prologue: The Proposal “I Do; Don’t I?” by classicbeauty [Reviews - 1] (183 words)
I have started and stop this story so many times, for years now. But its time for me to share it with you guys. This is part of a series, The Perfect Blend, I got the idea while watching the My Love video, back when it first came out. I hope you guys give me achance, love it or hate it. (like it *closes eyes really tight in hope*) - Dani  

2. I Do: "But to Who?!" by classicbeauty [Reviews - 7] (4872 words)

Here's chapter one, I know its been along time coming. But I made a banner and a chacacter list.

Banner: http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss8/classicbeauty_02/tmhcc.jpg

Character List:


Pics from: U-P.net, Word of Justin, Lauren London.net and radom finds.

Enough chit chat, please enjoy your read,


3. I Now Pronounce You, Man and Wife by classicbeauty [Reviews - 2] (5625 words)

I know, I know long time no see and im extremely sorry about that.

First off i wanna say thank you to everyone for either reading, reviewing or both it mean alot to me. You guys rock!

So here's chapter two, im sorry it took so long but life and nerves got in the way but hopefully its smooth sailing from here on out.

I hope everyone is having a awesome summer, I know I am. 

Please excuse any grammar error or misspelling.



4. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace by classicbeauty [Reviews - 3] (10072 words)

I'm so so sorry for the wait, I'm embressed by how long its been.

Thank you for reading and reveiwing. Here's chapter 3, it's a long one.



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