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Justin and Faye are at the top of their game and they've got it made. Syke. They're twentysomething college dropouts without a dime to their name. They're madly in love with each other. They've just moved to LA for Justin to fulfill his dreams as an animator, while Faye has no clue about what she wants in life. They don't exactly know how to live through the winter. They're quite sure their apartment will one day collaspe and kill them both in their sleep due to its defiled nature. And they hope that maybe, just maybe, they can make it through this together with a Mariah Carey inspirational song playing in the background.

This is a story about love, friendship, hardship, relationships, and how to dumpster dive. It's a story about people undergoing the cruelest tasks their environment will throw at them. 

Rated: NC-17
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Published: Jun 22, 2009 Updated: Jul 13, 2009
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Story Notes:
Hey! This is my first Nsync (Justin) story, so be nice to the newbie. So far I've got the first part of the story in my head, but the rest, including the ending, is a complete mystery. By the summary it must seem depressing as hell, but I swear no one dies in this story.

1. In Which They Start Out by sessibronz [Reviews - 6] (1775 words)

2. In Which His Story Begins by sessibronz [Reviews - 5] (2865 words)
Thanks for the reviews! Glad you guys like it, and I do intend to keep it funny and lighthearted. I know my humor is very...out there. Be forewarned, the story might venture away from the summary.

3. In Which Her Story Screws Up by sessibronz [Reviews - 3] (3503 words)
Thanks again for the reviews! The story's beginning to get clear up, and I think I now know where I want to take it. I do hope to keep it as humorous as possible.

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