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Alexis' Taylor's dream had finally come true. She was now working in the A&R department for the record label that she had dreamed of working for since she was in high school. But she took the job at a cost. She had to leave Orlando and move to Los Angeles for the position. And leave behind everything and everyone she'd ever known.

She likes LA. She loves the job that she was hired to do. 

She loves who she begins to work for even more. 

But when dating someone that she works directly with jeopardizes her job, she's forced to make a choice. 

And making that choice, she finds, is more difficult than she had expected. 

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Published: Jan 30, 2010 Updated: Mar 02, 2010
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This thing has been sitting on my hard drive for like...four years so I figured, might as well post it. Hope you enjoy it! Leave me feedback! <3

Oh and yeah, for the sake of my sanity in not having to back through and change part of the story, Lance isn't gay. I actually think I started writing this damn thing before he had even announced it.

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