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Summary: Dana is a typical teenager until the day her parents tell her some big news.
Rated: PG
Categories: Completed Het Stories Characters: JC Chasez
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Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama
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Published: Aug 16, 2011 Updated: Jan 03, 2013
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Story Notes:
Dont own any famous people except for their merchandise. The story is fiction, my brain child."

1. Prologue by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 3] (928 words)
Sorry for all the changes i just wanted it to be just right.

2. Chapter 1 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 2] (809 words)

3. Chapter 2 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 1] (1157 words)
I know a new chapter agh. Hope you enjoy.

4. Chapter 3 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 3] (1509 words)

5. Chapter 4 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 2] (1006 words)
Sorry it took so long, this is a shorter chapter.

6. Chapter 5 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 2] (963 words)
You might want to get a box of tissues. Just to warn you.

7. Chapter 6 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 3] (977 words)

8. Chapter 7 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 2] (1104 words)
sorry it took forever, but I finally got hit with inspiration. hopefully this isnt too cliche.

9. Chapter 8 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 3] (1005 words)
Im not sure how you all are going to react to this, but I swear my mind is just on a roller coaster of drama for JC and Dana

10. Chapter 9 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 4] (615 words)
sorry it took forever, school was a killer. this is a short chapter that leads into the next adventure for Dana. Hope you enjoy.

11. Chapter 10 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 3] (717 words)
I know another shorty, but hope to get more soon. :)

12. Chapter 12 by musiccrazedjazzy [Reviews - 2] (784 words)
Ok this is it guys. :( its been a hard ride but yay.

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