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Summary: Chris has been floundering in the past few years, trying to find what he wants to do with his life.  His old friend from school, Lara, is coming out to visit.  The friend from his past and the girl who walks off the plane are two entirely different people, and his outlook on everything starts to change.  The pairing is Chris and the female character, though all the boys in NSYNC are main story characters.
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1. Chapter 1 by zebraljb [Reviews - 2] (1601 words)
This is my first stab in writing fanfic in probably six years.  I used to write it like crazy...mostly slash...but I'm working my way back in.  It's hard, because I still think of them from 2001-2003, NOT now, but I'm trying to work the reality in with the creative liberties. :)

2. Chapter 2 by zebraljb [Reviews - 4] (1611 words)

3. Chapter 3 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2720 words)

4. Chapter 4 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2034 words)

5. Chapter 5 by zebraljb [Reviews - 2] (2531 words)

6. Chapter 6 by zebraljb [Reviews - 2] (2143 words)
I know, it's a Chris story. Or it's supposed to be.  It danced down Chasez Drive, because, c'mon.  He's JC.  But Chris is still the main boy, I promise.  And I thank you all for your patience. I feel the chapters are getting better as I get back into the swing of writing again. It's been like six years.

7. Chapter 7 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2756 words)

8. Chapter 8 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (3393 words)

9. Chapter 9 by zebraljb [Reviews - 2] (2274 words)
Okay, so I guess this goes to the R/NC17 side of things.  It's kind of funny to me that I'm heterosexual, I've only ever had hetero sex, and yet I have a really hard time writing it anymore.  It's JC!Sex, which I hope is okay. 

10. Chapter 10 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2772 words)
In which Justin is a little bit of an asshole...fair warning.  Just a tiny bit.

11. Chapter 11 by zebraljb [Reviews - 2] (2598 words)

12. Chapter 12 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2338 words)
Yes, it's my dream costume. Yes, it's a fantasy that will never come true.  Yes, I want Lance. :)

13. Chapter 13 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (1732 words)

14. Chapter 14 by zebraljb [Reviews - 2] (1744 words)
As you can see, I'm into slash. A lot. I can't help bringing it into this story, because it's just fun to see JC and Lance blush.  But don't worry, it's just discussion, not action!

15. Chapter 15 by zebraljb [Reviews - 3] (3488 words)

16. Chapter 16 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (1290 words)

17. Chapter 17 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (1284 words)

18. Chapter 18 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2358 words)

19. Chapter 19 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (4529 words)
Almost before I started this story, I knew how this chapter would go. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs on the "FutureSexLoveSounds" album.

20. Chapter 20 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (3475 words)

21. Chapter 21 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2279 words)

22. Chapter 22 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2910 words)

My apologies for the lameness of this chapter - it's not the best.  It's just sorta filler for later chapters. I couldn't write what I wanted without moving the timeline along a bit this way.


23. Chapter 23 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (2005 words)

24. Chapter 24 by zebraljb [Reviews - 1] (3192 words)
In which I let some of my daydreams in.  I'm sure you'll realize what I mean.  And hopefully you can suspend your disbelief and enjoy it. :)

25. Chapter 25 by zebraljb [Reviews - 3] (1968 words)
And the story ends...thanks to everyone for feedback!

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