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I'm just a girl waiting patiently for the five bestest guys to finally get it together an grace us with their voices as a group again.  I have been reading fan fic since I began to follow them over 10 years ago, though I lost touch with it for a little while until recently.  I love the sappy romantic stories, and I can't stand a story that isn't semi-plausible.  I also just can't get into stories that aren't written well with good grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.  I just love to read stories effortlessly so I can really picture the scenes in my head without trying.  I like long stories, and I'm finding that I like series; I like to find out what happened after the fact, even if it's only in passing in a subsequent story.

I've probably started 10 fan fics, but I've never been able to finish them.  Time gets away from me.  But I want to write at least one.

I've decided that I love all the guys equally. I have to throw some love out to Chris, though...his hometown is about 2 hours away from mine, and he's a Steelers fan like me.

I married my soulmate on 7.30.11, and our first dance was to Something Like You.  It was incredible.

As I said before, I'm a Steelers fan.  Not just any Steelers fan, but a GINORMOUS, HUGE, RIDICULOUSLY LOYAL STEELERS FAN.  Any questions?  Stairway to 7, baby!!  :-)

I finally graduated from pharmacy school in May 2011 and work full time for a grocery store pharmacy chain as a pharmacy manager.


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