Submission Rules

We have very basic submission rules, so please take the time to read and follow them - thank you. Failure to abide by the rules will result in the deletion of your account and stories.

1. No plagiarism. The story you submit must be your own work.

2. The story main character(s) must be a member(s) of *NSYNC.

3. Please check your grammar and spelling before posting.

4. You have the option of hosting your story here or just submitting a url link of where your story can be found. The link may be to your site home page or your main story page, either or. Please be sure to update the link with any/all changes, broken linked stories will be deleted.

5. If you are going to add a story graphic/picture please add it to the 1st chapter page, not the Summary.

6. Please take one of the buttons below if you own a site/journal, help promote your story and the archive...

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