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After Kyra and JC make up after not speaking for years, he shows up unannounced at her new house in Boston. How do they rewrite their past and move on with their future?

*Sequel to The Story of my Life* 


Rated: R
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Series: JC & Kyra Series
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Published: Aug 05, 2015 Updated: Jan 22, 2017
Story Notes:

Forever and always I need to praise elle-miranda for being my ever patient and insightful beta.

 Season 9 NF Awards


- Remarkable Multi-Parter

- Intriguing Work in Progress

- Story Spotlight

- Most Anticipated Update

- Impressive Characterization of JC

- Best Kiss:  Kyra & JC's first kiss

- Best Quote

- Most OMG-WTF Moment

- Phenomenal Fiction Overall 

1. It's hot. by LadyX [Reviews - 4] (2758 words)
Hiya! Hope you enjoy this next part of the Kyra & JC adventure! Thanks again to elle-miranda for being the bestest beta!

2. Lamp Post by LadyX [Reviews - 2] (2252 words)

3. Linguine by LadyX [Reviews - 3] (2653 words)

Thank you for all of the hits and to ones that left reviews anonymously, thanks! 

And as always, elle-miranda rox my sox as my beta. 

4. Olives and Thunderstorms by LadyX [Reviews - 1] (2629 words)
Want more? Here's more!

5. Phone Calls by LadyX [Reviews - 2] (2779 words)
Thanks again, elle-miranda my favourite cheerleader and editor.

6. What?! by LadyX [Reviews - 4] (1600 words)
Sorry for the wait, hope you are all still interested in this story. Thanks to elle-miranda for always being happy to read something from me!

7. Blueprint by LadyX [Reviews - 3] (2443 words)
Thanks to elle-miranda for always fangirling for my writing and being my beta!

8. Remembering by LadyX [Reviews - 2] (1570 words)
It's finally here! Sorry for the wait guys and thanks A MILLION to elle-miranda for helping me work through the massive block on this chapter. <3

9. Dusty Keys by LadyX [Reviews - 1] (1328 words)

THANK YOU so very much for all of the nominations for this story! I'm so glad that you are enjoying how this story unfolds. Stay tuned for more! 


Also, a million thanks to elle-miranda for always listening to my crazy harebrained ideas...and encouraging them! 

10. Shadows by LadyX [Reviews - 2] (4110 words)
Thank again to elle-miranda for being a speedy and excited beta!

11. Keyboards by LadyX [Reviews - 6] (2486 words)
As always, thank you to elle-miranda for everything. Please accept three thousand open robed pictures of JC fresh off the press today as compensation.

12. Ryan Gosling by LadyX [Reviews - 6] (2926 words)
Thank you so much for the many reviews I got for the last chapter, it was really heartening to see that people are still enjoying this story. Also, thanks a million to elle-miranda who always loves everything I write!

13. Thanksgiving by LadyX [Reviews - 4] (2515 words)
I know, I know, it's been a while. I hope you keep reading this story and enjoy this new chapter! Also, thanks to my beta elle-miranda for helping me get through this massive writer's block!

14. Embers by LadyX [Reviews - 2] (2686 words)
Thanks elle-miranda for being rad!

15. Window Seat by LadyX [Reviews - 2] (2062 words)
Thanks elle-miranda for...everything!

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