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Story of the Month



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This month's featured story is Same Time Next Week by MissM.  Now we normally try to feature a story either by an author who hasn't been featured, or a story that's currently being updated regularly. But this month, we wanted to feature MissM and this story in particular, because it just so happens that she adapted this story for ACTUAL PUBLICATION and recently PUBLISHED IT! Congrats to MissM on the publishing of her second (!!) book. To read this original fanfic, check it out at the following link: http://nsync-fiction.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=1813

And after you do that, be sure to click on this link: http://www.thesweetescape.net/blog/ to go to her website, where you can buy a copy of adapted-for-publishing version of Same Time Next Week! And if you're on social media, be sure to tell her congratulations. We're super proud of and inspired by you, MissM!



Site News
After a brief delay...   
We are back online! Nothing was lost or compromised so don't worry! Thank you everyone for being patient and thank you to Whitney for helping us so quickly even though you've been out of the game for a bit!!
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The Nsync Harvest Ball Challenge!   

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This year, instead of doing Poptober! We thought we would change things up a bit. Our Valensync Challenge did very well this year, so we thought we might do something similar for the fall to gear up for the very popular Secret Santa Challenge in December! Many of you are new, and that’s okay! We encourage all writers new, or established, to participate in our challenges! This is also a great way to get to know other fellow authors in our community! We hope many of you will participate in our NSYNC Harvest Ball! This is a fall inspired challenge, with keywords chosen by you that your “Ball Date” will include in their story to you! In exchange, you will write a story for your date with the same guidelines.  We will try to pair people up as best as possible regarding the guys and subject matter.

Please take the survey here in order to take part in the challenge: 



-Submissions for the challenge will take place Monday 8/31/15 to Monday 9/7/15

-Stories should be no less than 500 words, and must include the three key words your Ball Date has chosen

-Stories can start being posted October 25 through October 31. Please remember if you sign on for a story you must contact us ASAP if you cannot write your story so other arrangements can be made.

Questions? Email us nsyncfictionarchive@gmail.com OR Tweet to @Nsyncfiction

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Reviews, comments, and things of that nature.   

The most important part of the Archive is the community. We want each person who comes here to feel that it's a safe and encouraging place to explore creativity through writing. So let's take a moment to talk about leaving comments and reviews.

While most authors appreciate constructive criticism, I feel it's necessary for me to explain what exactly that is. Constructive criticism exists in the realm of actual, concrete, factual help to make a story better. For instance, telling someone that they switched verb tenses would be constructive. Telling someone you didn't like something stylistic, or related to tone of voice, point of view, or even about characters, is NOT constructive. Those sorts of things are opinions. Moreover, it's often flat out rude and often breaks down the goal we have of creating community.

Please keep in mind that we're all reading and writing FREE fanfiction. While I like to think that each of us is putting our creative best foot forward, none of us are attempting to create high brow works of literary genius. If you're enjoying a story, PLEASE tell the author exactly that. We LOVE hearing that. But if you're not enjoying a story, unless it's something that can (and needs to) be fixed--spelling errors, formatting issues, etc.--please keep that to yourself and keep it moving. Choose another story!

If you're interested in going deeper into the analysis of a story and its characters, consider letting us know that you're available for beta reading. And if you're thinking of leaving a review and you're not sure if it's constructive or not, please reach out to any of the admins. 

Let's all live by Thumper's wise words: "If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all."




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A Note On Plagarism   

I hate to have to do this. It's never something that goes over well in any type of fan fiction forum, but it must be said.  The Submission rules have been revised slightly and I wanted to highlight that revision. Please remember, all the authors here work very hard to create their ideas, characters, visions, ect and it is very disheartening when that work is taken by someone and revised as their own unique vision. Please, when writing, consider this basic policy and if there is a question, ever, please do not post the work unless you have spoken with one of the Mods here or the author personally to get an OK.  Thank you for your understanding.

1. NF has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding plagiarism. The story you submit must be your own work! If you are caught plagiarizing you will be given three days to rewrite or delete the plagiarized section/chapter/story. If no action is taken within three days your account will be deleted.


NF.com also includes taking someone's unfinished story and finishing it without the original authors permission, and taking someones written plot line to incorporate into your own story without the original authors permission in our definition of plagiarism.   If this occurs, violators will have three days to remove the story or their account will be deleted.



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Featured Stories   

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Hello everyone out there! I hope you are all doing well! The site has been very active lately with lots of new stories and new reviews as well as new members so welcome back or just plain old welcome! We are finally at the stage where we want you guys to submit stories to us so we can feature them! All you have to do is email or tweet your favorite story that you've been reading and we will pick the most popular ones! We try to feature a story for each guy if we can! We would also like to include the readers in this, so when you submit your story please tell us why you love it! We would like to feature your quote to give you some recoginition and also to make the author feel appreciated! Please email us at nsyncfictionarchive@gmail.com or tweet us @nsyncfiction! Unfortuntately if we do not recieve enough responses for the 5 or 6 stories we will be forced to choose on our own and we'd really like to hear from you! We looovvvvee featuring stories and authors flying under the radar so please please tweet and email!! Thank you!


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New Challenge!   

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great summer so far! So many of you are new to the site and on behalf of myself and the moderators we would like to extend a big hello and welcome to all of you!! We are coming into our big challenge season, and to start things off we are presenting the Summer Love “Shorts” Challenge! Between now and August 23rd we welcome to you post a short story or one shot involving one or all of the guys! The theme obviously is summertime! Just have fun with this! This is the perfect challenge for those of you who have never participated in one before, because there aren’t any guidelines to follow for the most part! Be sure to post your stories under CHALLENGES under The Summer Love Short Challenge! Follow us on Twitter @Nsyncfiction and be sure to LINK directly to your story and hashtag #SummerLoveShorts in your tweet to us so others will be able to find your story easily!  Questions or concerns? Tweet us or email nsyncfictionarchive@gmail.com!! Happy writing!!

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Can a hospital stay turn into a romance? JC doesn't know for sure, but something...
Big Daddy and the Princess by KrisB (NC-17)
Joe is the current King but the Queen is not his primary focus.
Cryin by Alysen Blaine (NC-17)
Lance loves Ava, but Ava has caused more trouble than he could ever imagine 

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A Thousand Roads: The Sequel to Sweet Child of Mine by Alysen Blaine (NC-17)
Their relationship has always had its ups and downs. With a baby and a new tour about to start up, JC and Annie will be put to the test like never before.
Finally by KrisB (NC-17)
Unsure how I did it, but I deleted this posted story. Sorry!
Just The Two of Us? by PenguinPrincess (NC-17)
Hi, I'm Madison Kirkpatrick, sister to Chris, choreographer to the PopOdyssey tour, girlfriend to Justin Timberlake. Well that's at least how this all starts....
Chicago by KrisB (NC-17)
 Third installment of the JC and Kennelly story.
Wildest Dreams by SLynn (NC-17)
Justin and Johanna have always had a fiesty, flirtatious relatinoship.  What will happen when things suddenly go to the next level? **This is a spin off from my story...

Random Story
My First Night (Our Family Album part 2) by Coffee (NC-17)

The intimate details of Justin and McKayla's first sexual encounter.
Featured Review

Ashley Loves JC said:

JC as Hotel Manager, Chris as the Food and Beverage Manager, and Joey as head bartender. Their AU roles are pretty fitting of their personalities. Loving it.


P.S.: I don't condone mixing business...