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Puffitale is a new addition to the Archive so we'd like to welcome her to the site with her first spotlight! Congratulations!! Check out her story here: http://nsync-fiction.com/archive/viewstory.php?sid=2722 


Site News

After a particularly interesting chat one night (you should join us sometime!), we got the idea for this challenge. It's super easy, and you can find the specifics below. You can find it over under the section marked 'Challenges.' 


Uh Oh! The members of *NSYNC are incarcerated...now what?


x. must include at least *2* members of *NSYNC. (But we encourage you to try and use all 5!)

x. part of the action must take place inside the walls of a prison of some kind



x. be creative. of course, you're authors. this goes without saying. ;-)

x. you can make it long or short, somber or silly. any genre, any rating. as long as a prison is part of the plot, go crazy.  

--elle-miranda on Feb 11, 2015 04:25 pm (0 Comments)
2015 NSYNC-Fiction Award Winners!   

  photo nsyncfictionaward2015_zps98635d0e.jpeg

The results are finally in! Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted. We had a fantastic awards season with an impressive number of participants. Thank you everyone!

Congratulations to all of our winners!


Ravishing Romance

Winner: No Use Crying Over Spilled...Coffee – LadyX

Runner-up: Tie between Bring It All To Me – elle-miranda and All I Wanna Do – MissM

Crack-Up Comedy

Winner: Pixy-Sticking Out Of Control – AceofSpades

Dazzling Drama

Winner: A Thin Line – MissM

Runner-up: Tie between Bring It All To Me – elle-miranda/Heart of the Matter – AceofSpades/Exquisite Disproportion – Nik

How Normal! AU

Winner: A Thin Line – MissM

Runner-up: Double Occupancy – Alysen Blaine

Spine-Tingling Suspense

Winner: The Starlet – ialwayzbesingin

Runner-up: The Man Between Us – creativechaos

So Awesome Work-In-Progress

Winner: Bring It All To Me – elle-miranda

Runner-up: Tie between No Use Crying Over Spilled...Coffee – LadyX/A Thin Line – MissM

Fifty Shades Syndrome – Best Smut

Winner: Tie between Bring It All To Me – elle-miranda/Joy Ride – teamchasez

Runner-up: A Thin Line – MissM

Best Characterization of Justin

Winner: Heartbreaker – Hollie

Runner-up: Healing Wounds – B-Twice

Best Characterization of JC

Winner: Bring It All To Me – elle-miranda

Runner-up: No Use Crying Over Spilled...Coffee – LadyX

Best Characterization of Joey

Winner: The Muse – DiamondDoss

Runner-up: Fading Sun – unicornmaiden13

Best Characterization of Lance

Winner: The Safest Place – creativechaos, DiamondDoss

Runner-up: Heart of the Matter – AceofSpades

Best Characterization of Chris

Winner: The Christmas Meeting – DiamondDoss

Best Justin

Winner: Heartbreaker – Hollie

Runner-up: Christmas at the Little Bakery – Pumples

Best Joey

Winner: Fading Sun – unicornmaiden13

Best JC

Winner: A Thin Line – MissM

Runner-up: Bring It All To Me – elle-miranda

Best Lance

Winner: Homewrecker – creativechaos

Runner-up: Heart of the Matter – AceofSpades

Best Chris

Winner: The Safest Place – creativechaos, DiamondDoss

Best Sidekick/Friend

Winner: Mack Desrosiers – Mack_Attack22

Runner-up: Stephanie/From The Wreckage series – creativechaos

Best Villain

Winner: Lou Pearlman – Mack_Attack22

Runner-up: Marc/The Man Between Us – creativechaos

Best Fight

Winner: Chapter 9/Justin, Maggie/Standing In Front Of You – ialwayzbesingin

Plot With Pizzazz

Winner: A Thin Line – MissM

Runner-up: A Hundred Days – creativechaos

Original Character

Winner: Adeline James-Sutton/Homewrecker – creativechaos

Runner-up: Ellie/The Good Neighbor – BrandyRae

Best Child

Winner: Emma-Claire/Sweet Child of Mine – Alysen Blaine

Best Quote

Winner: “I'm bringing you back me.” “That old thing?” “...I mean yay, you!” - All I Wanna Do, MissM

Runner-up: “No; you're exactly right. What's to like? He has the personality of a rock.” - Bring It All To Me, elle-miranda

Best Ending

Winner: Barely Breathing – rebeccan

Runner-up: Christmas Lights – SomethingBlue42

Best Stand-Alone

Winner: Barely Breathing – rebeccan

Runner-up: Heartbreaker – Hollie

Best One-Shot

Winner: A Not So Simple Decision – elle-miranda

Runner-up: Tie between The Muse – DiamondDoss/Family Ties – Mack_Attack22

Best Series

Winner: Tie between Deck of Cards – AceofSpades/From The Wreckage – creativechaos

Runner-up: What's A Girl To Do? - Mack_Attack22

Best Secret Santa 2014

Winner: Maybe – LadyX

Runner-up: Standing In Front Of You – ialwayzbesingin

Best Reviewer

Winner: theusagirl

Runner-up: Lyndsi

Ultimate Newbie

Winner: elle-miranda

Runner-up: AceofSpades

Ultimate Author

Winner: MissM


Runner-up: Tie between elle-miranda/ialwayzbesingin

--creativechaos on Feb 04, 2015 06:26 pm (0 Comments)
The Valensync Challenge   

 photo valensyncchallenge_zps6c976dea.jpeg

Hello authors!

All Valensync Emails have been sent out to those of you who have signed up. I have extended the deadline to 3/8/15, because of the delay. If anyone does not recieve their email please let us know at nsyncfictionarchive@gmail.com! Happy writing!

--Courtney on Feb 04, 2015 05:55 pm (0 Comments)
Awards and Valensync Challenge   

Hello authors and readers!

Been a little late on the updating (I know you can stone me now if you'd like) but I'm here and I promise I've been in the background. Thanks to all the girls for helping out during my little busy-ness. Anyway, we are taking the link down for award voting submissions tonight at midnight, so there is still a few hours left to get some last minute votes in! Please go to nsyncfictionawards.wordpress.com to vote! If you would still like to submit yourself for the Valensync Challenge the survey is still up for any last minute authors! Please take the survey here, and I will be sending out matches tomorrow! surveymonkey.com/s/9PDB88K 

Thank you all so much for being patient! I see so many new authors and stories and it's so exciting to see the site buzzing with life again! Talk to you all soon!

--ialwayzbesingin on Feb 01, 2015 05:07 pm (1 Comments)

NSYNC-FICTION.COM would like to send out a very special birthday wish to none other than Justin Timberlake! Thank you for gracing us with many years of entertainment from music, movies, comedy sketches, and just the gift of you *in a box* 

 photo 52.jpg

To celebrate one of our favorite guys and muses we would like to encourage you to participate in TIMBERWEEKEND! Submit some short and sweet fics to the archive in honor of this very special guy. Direct Link: http://nsync-fiction.com/archive/modules/challenges/challenges.php?chalid=52

We would also like to take the time to remind you that tomorrow is the last day of voting for the NSYNC FICTION AWARDS  (Direct Link: https://nsyncfictionawards.wordpress.com/) so please, please, please, go and vote for your favorite authors, stories, and characters! Let's make this a successful season! 

--Nik on Jan 31, 2015 02:40 pm (0 Comments)
Voting Now Open   

The voting for season 8 of the NF Awards is now open! You can see a list of our nominees at https://nsyncfictionawards.wordpress.com/ and you can find the link to the voting form there as well. Just choose your pick out of each drop down box and submit the form, it's easy!

Voting will run from 1/19-2/1, and we will announce the winners once we have a chance to count all the votes. Good luck to all our nominees! 

--creativechaos on Jan 19, 2015 02:57 am (0 Comments)
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theusagirl said:

Haha! This line made me laugh "Then why are you looking at me like my dog just peed on your furniture?" LMAO! Yay! Melissa is in the studio recording her 1st song, this is so nice, Im liking this.. :)...