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If falling in love at first sight was actually a thing, then the members of *NSYNC did it the moment that they met the girls of their dreams.


What will happen when they find out that their dream girls are working for them as the 'A-Team' that Johnny had bragged about?

Will they let their hearts lead or their careers? 

Rated: NC-17
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Published: Dec 25, 2017 Updated: Dec 25, 2017
Story Notes:

This story will feature the Carmichael family but in a way different story.

 Isabelle Carmichael

 Madelyn Carmichael

 Charlotte Carmichael

 Samantha Carmichael

 Alexandra Carmichael

1. Falling In Love In Coffeehouse by JTLove1982 [Reviews - 0] (4018 words)

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